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I have taken down my book about the Kafue in Zambia for re-editing. I will repost the chapters as I get them edited.

Also, I will be posting some short stories based on actual events during my high school career.

I would appreciate feedback.

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Kafue: The Book of David

1            Preamble

2            The road

3            Crocodile

4            Pebbles

5            Dilemma

6            The Great West Road

7            Dinai

8            Vultures

9            Thunderstorm

10          Footprints

11          River Snails

12          Tracking

13          Firelight

14          The River

15          Russians

16          Drifting

17          Mushalas Daughter

18          Elephants

19          Down South

20          Matopos

21          Guests

22          River God

23          Butterflies

24          Clash

25          Chilanga

26          Floating

27          Scars

28          The Heart

29          Milky way

30          Awakening

31          Patrol

32          Lucky Break

33          Kidnaped

34          Release


High School Stories:

51:         School Stories (Bravery)

52:         School Stories (Serpents)

53:         School Stories (Setting An Example)

54:         School Stories (Lady Godiva)

55:         School Stories (English Teacher)

Some of my life in pictures:


1961: Chakas Roock, South Africa, with Karenteen and Shad I had caught.

1965 – Where I grew up, in the wide open bush between the Munyati and Sebakwe Rivers in Zimbabwe.

A visiting friend Patrick, on the right hold the pole with me. In the background, my cousin Bryan pulling the cart, also visiting, and on the cart my brother Paul.

1967: Hillcrest, Natal, South Africa

1970: Giants Castel cabin – Drakensberg mountains

1971: Section Leader – 5South African Infantry Battalon, on the Mozambique border

1971: After army service on trip to Cape Town.

Me on the right with folded arms

1976: Angola border, with the South African Army

1978: Israeli Army, in the Sinai Desert.

On the right, leaning against the tank

1979: Israel Army Officers Course – leading the passing out parade,

1980: Waiting on runway for C130 to pick up for parachute drop

980: Para drop

1981: Instructor on Israeli Armored Corps Officers course

1982: After ceasefire. Mountains of Eastern Lebanon

1982: Company Commander, Bekaa Valley, Lebanaon

1982/83: Bekaa Valley, Lebanon

1983 – Building my first house in Ramat Yishai, Israel

1987 – 1993 Microsftm

OS/2 development, Graphics engine team manager, Win95 QA manager etc