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‘Kafue – The Book of David’ is a fictional story in which, although the places are real, I have not given precedence to the facts, or any particular actual event,. After all, as they say, why let the truth get in the way of a good story. I hope I have managed to write the fiction well enough for it to describe a certain truth, that being of Central Africa.

Today (17 Oct, 2020) I received a printed copy of the 1st draft, which I have mailed to an external editor in New Jersey. The UPS store says it will arrive at her house on 26 October, 2020

I hope to get feedback from the editor on style and flow. Thus depending on this feedback there will probably be more alterations.

…. It is not yet a finished product.

As of now the book has 35 chapters, in addition to a preamble and postscript. It is 121,114 words long, which will take 8 hours,  58 min if read at 225 words per minute.

Also I noted I am getting views from China, hence I have not posted the last few chapters, to thwart (at least for a while) the piracy and theft of intellectual property that is rife in that country.

For those reading on a cell phone, to see the chapters, the menu button on the top right of the screen needs to be pressed.

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: David

1965 – Where I grew up, in the wide open bush between the Munyati and Sebakwe Rivers in Zimbabwe.

A visiting friend Patrick, on the right hold the pole with me. In the background, my cousin Bryan pulling the cart, also visiting, and on the cart my brother Paul.