00 – A story of Africa

This is my story of Central Africa.
The places are actual, and parts of the characters are based on people I have known. But I have deferred to the story rather than the truth or the facts.

It will change quite a bit when I add sub-plots and cut and chop, and have it edited.. Right now I am just getting the skeleton written.

For those who want to follow along, here are about 114k words so far,┬áChapter 9 is the work in progress… with the 9.x notation as I progress and post.

For those reading on a smart phone, press the menu button at the top right corner of your screen to see the chapters.

And this is where the story telling all began. Where I grew up… me on the left, in 1965 on the 28000 acre spread, off the Shamwari roadd, between the Munyati and the Sebakwe Rivers in Zimbabwe.

With his hand draped over the baboon pole is Patrick Mavros (visitor), pulling the go-cart is Cousin Bryan (also visiting) and my brother Paul is on the cart.

With my writing I allow my imagination to intersect the woof of the past with the warp of the present to form the fabric of this story.

I would like this to be a story with a sense of place.

– David Maritz