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  • David Maritz

The first book of David!”

This is NOT a blog.

It is a fictional story, crafted in my imagination from the shards of my life. The places are real, as too, are many of the characters (at least some aspects of them), but I have jumbled up names and the sequences of time to suit my story. Most of the time, I have preferred to defer to the story, rather than the truth, or facts.

I am attempting to have ‘the feel of the place’ be one of the protagonists, alongside the narrator of the saga. Naturally the place is that spot to which I have returned again and again, for the last 21 years, it is a place which provides me with my inspiration.


This story I am writing is a work in progress. As the vignettes I craft coalesce into the fabric of a section of the story I will upload them.

In the future, I will have these postings edited and maybe coalesced into a book. Thus to get a jist of the story, the sections should be read consecutively.

Feel free to share my stories with others, and to send me feedback at:






Bosbefok: bush fucked (army slang for mental madness)
Catttie: catapult or sling:shot
Chitenge: communal dining/recreational structure
Felitjie: small leather oval which holds the shot of a sling:shot
GMA: game management area (hunting concession area)
Lobola: bride price
Muti: medicine, also witchcraft potions

M’zungu: caucasian of european descent
Naartjie tree: mandarin citrus tree
Sangoma: witch doctor
Spoor: set of tracks
Veldskoen: low ankled leather bush shoes.



Narrative Copyright 2018, 2019